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  • Meet Me In Miami

    A dynamic international city, Greater Miami is a rare hybrid -- a sophisticated urban resort with world-class business amenities that doubles as a laid-back tropical paradise. Boasting a centrally located international airport, temperatures that average 75F year round, state of the art meeting facilities and more than 48,000 hotel rooms, Miami has evolved into a vacation and meeting destination for all seasons. Factor in the lure of the world- famous Art Deco District, white sand beaches, sparkling Biscayne Bay and renowned dining and entertainment and it is easy to see why so many travelers make Miami a regular destination. The city has also become a center for the cruise industry with it's massive Port of Miami

    From the beginning just over 100 years ago, Miami promoted itself as a travel destination: Its first motto was "America's sun porch." The cities warm weather, beaches and sunshine were its top selling points then, and they still true today. It's a rare destination where the cutting edge of urban chic co-exists with the beauty and splendor of a tropical paradise. Great year round weather, top-ranked beaches and the sparkling waters of Biscayne Bay are the backdrops for a cosmopolitan metropolis, pulsing with the rhythms of its diverse population. Boasting a vibrant arts and cultural landscape, renowned nightlife scene and world class dining and entertainment, Miami draws an eclectic mix of visitors from sizzling celebrities to frolicking families seeking fun in the sun. For lodging in the area visit the Miami Hotels site. Other helpful links: City of Miami, Miami International Airport, Weather

  • The Last Battleship

    The Battleship Missouri is an Iowa-class battleship designed for speed and firepower. Four Iowa-class ships were built during World War II including the USS Missouri, the keel of which was laid on January 6, 1941 at the New York Naval Shipyard. Its armament included the main battery of nine 16-inch guns and twelve 5-inch anti-aircraft guns. The USS Missouri was launched on January 29, 1944 and commissioned on June 11, 1944.

    It was assigned to the Pacific Third Fleet and cruised into Pearl Harbor on Christmas Eve, 1944. The Missouri was part of the force that carried out bombing raids over Tokyo and provided firepower in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. During the war’s final month the “Mighty Mo” served as Admiral William “Bull” Halsey’s flagship for the Pacific Third Fleet. The USS Missouri secured its place in history as the site of Japan’s unconditional surrender to the Allied Forces on September 2, 1945, ending World War II. The ceremony for the signing of the Formal Instrument of Surrender was conducted by General Douglas MacArthur. In August 1996, the Navy selected the USS Missouri Memorial Association as caretaker for the battleship and Pearl Harbor as its permanent home. On May 4, 1998, the Navy made it official, transferring the Mighty Mo’s care to the Association. Visit the official website. Also don't miss the KH6BB USS Missouri site, this group is restoring the ships radio room and getting it back on the air.