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What is a Bed & Breakfast Inn?

This is second in a series we started last month. Last months article.

What is a Bed and Breakfast and Would I Enjoy Staying in One?

Bill & Sharon Kaufmann, of Commencement Bay Bed & Breakfast has these tips about reservations and B&B stays:

When planning to stay in a B&B it is almost essential to make reservations ahead. This Is especially important on weekends and holidays. Many hosts have just 1 to 3 rooms while others accept only advance reservations so they can plan around other family and social events. If you are calling a host, rather than a reservation service, avoid calling before 10am as breakfast is usually in progress.

The time you call for the reservation is the best time to make your travel needs, accommodation interests and breakfast desires clear. Allergies to down pillows, a need for extra blankets, or beds for very tall people should be discussed at that time. Inform your host or reservation service of specific health problems, concerns about stairs or special dietary needs.

Check-in time is usually between 5 and 7 PM. If you need to make different arrangements, make sure you ask ahead - the host may be asleep or not even be home when you arrive! Hosts enjoy personally greeting their guests and make a point of being there as they enter the premises. Check-out time is usually by 11a.m. although it may be earlier on weekdays if the host has another job. Itís important to inquire about check-in and check-out times when you make your reservation.

The time between your departure and the arrival of the next evenings' guests is required to clean the home well -- much like you do when you are expecting new guests at your home. Hosts must also do their next dayís grocery shopping, bookkeeping, sewing, minor repairs, etc. during this time -- they don't usually have employees like a hotel to attend to these necessities.

Itís a good idea to ask your hosts in advance for sightseeing ideas' restaurants and so on. They are usually aware of the best around! Let them know the types of hobbies, sports, or food you enjoy, and you'll be surprised how helpful a host can be!

Most B&B hosts thrive on providing special touches that hotels just can't do. Flowers, wine, or gifts can be arranged to be in the room when you arrive for special occasions. Dinner, limousine, or rental car arrangements can be made for you in advance; newspaper articles and brochures on things you are coming to do can be saved and placed in you room etc. Don't be shy when you book, youíll enjoy getting to know your host and it will help you enjoy your stay too!

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