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Mainland Yucatan

Now Accessible to Cruise Ship Passengers

Christmas 1995 will see the opening of Puerto Calica, just 48 miles south of Cancun in the lee of Yucatan’s only port to date, Cozumel. Ships docking at Puerto Calica will eliminate the long tender ride that passengers who currently dock at Cozumel Island must endure to visit the mainland. The Ryndam of the Holland America Line will be the first to visit, but many will follow with Puerto Calica expecting six calls a week by the year 2,000.

The port is likely to induce great excitement among the cruise lines but is not expected to impact the highly popular port on the island of Cozumel. This port is a major destination for ships cruising the Caribbean and approximately 600 call annually, bringing over 800,000 passengers to the island.

Although the famous archaeological site of Chichen Itza is still 165 mile overland from Puerto Calica, it still puts the ruins within much easier reach of passengers who would travel there. Other attractions are underwater caves for experienced scuba divers and a surrounding area rich in Mayan history. Puerto Calica will prove to be a fascinating stop on any Caribbean itinerary.

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