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Hitch A Flight
To Europe

By: Richard Carroll / Photography: Donna Carroll

If Europe is in your travel plans and you don't want to mortgage your habitation in order to walk on cobbled streets, consider registering with Santa Monica based Airhitch.

Airhitch is for travelers who are blessed with a sense of adventure, as flexible as a French gypsy, and student-frugal. Travelers must be able to travel to any city in their destination region such as London, Paris and Rome, rather than insisting on travel between specific city points.

The company provides access to unsold seats on commercial airline flights for $269 one-way from the West Coast; $169 from the Northeast and $229 from anywhere else in the United States where flights are available. Call (800) 397-1098, E-Mail:, or visit the Airhitch web site for details.

Photo Copyright Donna Carroll

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