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"Important Hotels Of Southern California"


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The "All Year Club of Southern California" was founded by Harry Chandler in 1920. - Karen P.

"My mother wore her hair in that style (it was called a finger wave style) in the early late 1920's (1928-29)and early 1930's." "I say early 30's because my folks were married in 1933 and seems to me her wedding dress (very plain) was about the lenght of the lady's."

The images on these pages are from an old price schedule for "Important Hotels Of Southern California" from "Compliments of ALL YEAR CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA". They give some obvious clues as to the period, but I don't have the "experience" to know what the date would be. The full brochure images give alittle more information, including the published rates for many hotels in Southern California at the time:

Brochure: (50k .jpg each) Front/Back - Inside - RATES: Page 1 - Page 2

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