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Photos Keep Memories of a Theme Park Bright, Vibrant

oFrom The Eastman Kodak Company Press Office

Planning a big day at a theme park or zoo? Don't forget your camera! Pictures will let you relive the day over and over again. To make the most of your photographic opportunities, follow these simple tips from the experts at Eastman Kodak Company:

Drop out of traffic: Get off the path or street where everyone else is trampling around. Choose a location that gets you away from heavily traveled areas so you won't be jostled while trying to compose a picture. Make your subject stand out: if you want Johnny in a picture with the 30-foot theme park's sign, don't position him next to it and walk a block away to snap the image. He'll be lost in the picture! Instead, have Johnny stand well in front of the sign; take his picture from 5-8 feet away, using the sign as background.

Let's get vertical: If you're taking a picture of a magical tower, why is the camera horizontal? Turn the camera sideways so you can get more of the tower in the picture without wasting space on both sides.

Faces are fun: Even if you're shooting a whole class of second-graders, try to fill the frame with faces. Instead of lining them up from here to Timbuktu, break them into shorter lines, one behind the other.

Go for variety: Make your pictures different. Take some of the kids posed in front of a colorful background. Then get some candid shots of them playing with the animals in the petting zoo. Take some shots with your zoom feature for a close-up look, then step back and get a wide-angle view of the surroundings.

Choosing film: Park photos outside in bright sunlight call for a film like Kodak Royal Gold 100 film or Kodak Royal Gold 200 film to produce sharp, colorful results that will provide for great enlargements. For indoor flash photography, Kodak Royal Gold 400 film will extend the flash range.

Background disasters: Colorful crowds can be fun, but they make a horrible background for a picture of Timmy in his new MGM sweatshirt. Look for a simple, uncluttered background so kids won't be lost in a sea of strangers.

Forgot your camera? Then pick up a Kodak Fun Saver 35 single-use camera at the park. These one-time use cameras come pre-loaded with film and are a snap to use.

Waterproof fun: Will your itinerary take you to a water theme park? You may be afraid to take your regular camera, but that's no reason to miss out on photos! Bring along the Kodak Fun Saver Weekend 35 single-use camera. Encased in watertight plastic, this camera allows for foul weather photos and can even take pictures underwater up to 10 ft.

Open those eyes: Do your kids have trouble looking natural with the bright sun in their eyes? Shift your position slightly so the sun is coming over their shoulders instead of at them. Use your camera's flash to fill in the shadows!

Designated photo spots: Some parks actually set up specific areas for snapshots. The settings are great - just be sure to leave out the sign telling you to take a picture there.

For more picture-taking tips and answers to your photographic questions, call the Kodak Information Center at 1-800-242-2424.

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