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The Grand Wiamea Resort in Hawaii...????
What is the Real Location of Fox's North Shore TV Show?
By: Bruce

Grand Wiamea Resort aka: Turtle Bay Resort

Welcome the the Grand Wiamea. The Grand Wiamea is a composite of resorts and locations around the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Much of the Pilot was shot at the resort shown below, the Turtle Bay Resort on Ohau's North Shore. Now that the show has been "picked-up" for the summer season the production of the show is in full swing.

Additional Locations:
Hotel Lobby: Diamond Head Studios Production Facility
Beach Front Bar: JW Marriott Ihilani
Beach Scenes: Ko Olina Resort / Kailua / Others

Grand Wiamea

Oahu, Hawaii - If you visit the Hawaiian Islands and ask for the the Grand Wiamea Resort, you may be accidently sent to Kauai where Wiamea Canyon is located, or you might be sent to Maui where you will find the Grand Wialea Resort. But if your looking for the resort featured on Fox's new Hawaii based NORTH SHORE tv series you would be dissappointed. If you would like to visit the resort shown on the show you should visit the Turtle Bay Resort on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.

north shore waves / Pipe Masters 2004

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, home to some of the largest, dangerous, most spectacular, ridable surf in the world is the fictional resort the Grand Wiamea AKA: Turtle Bay Resort.

Grand Wiamea / Turtle Bay Resort Lobby

The Turtle Bay Resort is beautiful location for vacationers, but as of 6/2004, construction is taking place on the property and temporarily detracts from it's natural beauty. If your booking a room here ask about the status of construction and if you room will look to the East and toward the constrution area. In fact construction seems to have been ongoing at this resort for the past several years as the owners have expanded and renovated (for the better) many aspects of the main buidling and cottages.

Beachfront Cottages

The resort is located 45-60 minute drive from Honolulu and Waikiki. But I have to tell you up front. I have mixed feelings about this resort. If your looking for a quiet spot to escape from it all, this isn't a bad choice. You are miles from anything.... some may see that as a plus, others a negative. The resort offers golf, tennis, surfing lessons, and a nice pool. But if your looking for nightlife, lots of attractions and shopping your better off staying in Waikiki.

Turtle Bay Guestroom

I must say that if your interested in seeing Hawaii in a more natural setting then this resort would be a good choice for the Island of Oahu. It is surrounded by agricultural land, offers spectacular beaches, and the quiant nearby surf town of Haleiwa is just a short drive away. And yes you should rent a car, Turtle Bay Resort (Fox's Grand Wiamea) is in a great location for day trips around the island. If you avoid the City of Honolulu and the Waikiki Beach areas on the southern side of the island, your image of Hawaii will more closely match the stereotype you may have.

honolulu fire department truck

Note: During the winter months North Shore beaches can be closed to swimming due to the spectacular surf and access to the area can also be limited due to high water/storm surge on the roadways. Weekend traffic can also clog the limited access to the area, especailly during major surfing events.

Note 2: I'm not sure if the North Shore series will be using locations at the resort or move to another part of the island when they beging shooting future episodes. I know that a local paparatzi photographer friend of mine has been solicited to follow stars during their stay on the island.

Note 3: Turtle Bay Resort is dealing labor union issues. This may result in a lower level of service. For more details visit the unions website

Note 4: The beaches that surround Turtle Bay are open to the public. Designated Parking is provided in the resorts lot.

Fox's North Shore at The Grand Waimea

From the website:

Intrigue abounds at the Grand Waimea hotel, an exclusive Hawaiian escape for the wealthy, powerful and beautiful. Hawaiian native Jason Matthews (Kristoffer Polaha) runs the hotel and makes sure every guest gets everything they need. But when former flame Nicole Booth (Brooke Burns) arrives as the hotel's new Director of Guest Relations, Jason's world is turned upside down. But Grand Waimea owner, Vincent Colville (James Remar), is staying on top of him to make sure his past with Nicole won't affect their work life.

   Just as interesting as the hotel's clientele is its staff, which is filled with friends, thrill-seekers, former con artists and dreamers in paradise. Waitress MJ Bevans (Nikki DeLoach), Jason's surrogate little sister and roommate, is just waiting for her t-shirt design business to blossom into a fashion empire. Chris Remsen (Jay Kenneth Johnson) runs an adventure company that caters to Waimea guests and bartender Frankie Seau (Jason Momoa) keeps those guests well-lubricated while trying to hide a mysterious past. And let's not forget Gabriel Miller (Corey Sevier), the young lifeguard trying to carve out a surfing career, or Tessa Lewis(Amanda Righetti), a former con artist who's now putting her skills to use as the Waimea's concierge.

   Intrigue and excitement await every guest at the Grand Waimea. Just ask the staff.

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